The office is a mess, paperwork is taking over and the business you have nurtured and love is becoming a pain.  There is a SOLUTION.

At LMSBS we pride ourselves on assisting business owners to take control and regain ownership of their business.  From detailed data analysis to the training of office staff in all aspects of your business paperwork we can assist in taking control of the bookkeeping nightmare.  Additionally, the introduction of filing systems and procedures into your workplace will help to create order out of chaos.

GST, BAS, PAYG and Superannuation compliance are a few of the issues that are constantly on the radar of all businesses.  Missing deadlines can result in fines that businesses can ill afford and dealing with regulatory authorities is put off or postponed due to lack of time, knowledge and maybe, because you are afraid to hear the outcome.  We can assist in working out your liabilities, dealing with the regulatory authorities on your behalf and working out payment arrangements where possible.